Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Object In Motion Stays In Motion

I’ve been told I say a number of quirky southern sayings.  Some are not to be said in good company.  Hopefully they’re inspiring or meaningful in some way.  I’ve also learned a number of sayings from my clients.  One of my clients often says “an object in motion stays in motion” meaning whatever they’re working towards; they’re not going to stop pursuing it.

I thought of that saying this weekend as I participated in a fun run with my sister.  I’m not really a runner but I enjoy the comradery of a fun run and I love spending time with my sister (who unlike me is an avid runner).  Along the route they offer water, Gatorade or even better (since this one was the hot chocolate fun run) candy.  Even though stopping seemed like a good idea, it was much more difficult to get back on track after stopping.  Where I hadn’t noticed as much before, after stopping I felt the soreness in my legs and the fatigue throughout my body.  A trainer once told me, if you feel like you can’t run any further, swing your arms and your legs will follow.   Guess he was also a believer in the “object in motion stays in motion” theory.

I think this idea of movement creating movement is a great one for our personal development as well.  If we’ve set a goal for ourselves and we’re always pushing forward, even if we’re not always successful,  just by continuing to move forward we’re much more likely to be triumphant than if we stop. 

Is there something you want to change?  Some goal you were pursuing and have given up on?  Maybe what you need is some movement.   Are there some things you could do (however small) to start working towards that change?  A few action steps that you could incorporate into your schedule?  I  know for me one goal I have is to do a little more training so these fun runs are more fun and less work.   Good luck in your goals and keep moving!   (Picture of my sister and I, 2015 Hot Chocolate Fun Run, Dallas TX)

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  1. A quote I like that addresses taking the first step, is this one from Larry Leissner:

    "If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius. "